Resume Resolution | The Process
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The Process

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Initial Client Consultation

In order to be successful at marketing any product, one needs to understand its abilities, strengths, and its potentials. Once these characteristics are identified and understood, one can better determine the target market for the product. Simply, this means identifying who is interested in utilizing the product and how the product will benefit the user.

In the North American job market the employee is the product. The employers are the target market. Ultimately, it is employee’s responsibility to sell themselves to potential employers.

It is OUR responsibility to identify marketing strategies of how best to market you!!

We begin with an initial telephone consultation; during our conversation we will talk to you in-depth about your goals, objectives, and discuss the key ways by which you are already marketing yourself.

We will follow up with a detailed questionnaire, so that we can:

  1. Identify your career objective(s)
  2. Identify targeted industry, sector and profession
  3. And, ultimately, determine a marketing plan to market you!

Your resume is an indispensable job hunting tool that represents an objective, factual, personal history of you – an advertisement designed to market you by highlighting your abilities and future potential.

We will work closely with you to formulate the very best possible resume. We will account for all aspects of your education skills, accomplishments, employment history and produce the very best advertisement of you possible.

Needs Assessment

What is a Needs Assessment?

A needs assessment is a vital part of the marketing process. A quality needs analysis reveals a great deal about a product. It allows us to garner as much information about the product as possible. It is in the collection and analysis of the data gathered during the needs assessment that determines how a product is to be marketed.

The needs assessment allows us to learn about you! We will critically and analytically evaluate your questionnaire and your most current resume to understand how your skills, experiences, education, employment history, interests, and career objective(s) come together. The information we collect will ultimately determine how to best position you to the target market.

An EXAMPLE of some of the KEY things we will discuss and/or identify during this process:

Your most relevant education, work experiences, accomplishments, skills, strengths, and attributes.

The types of position(s) you are applying for, including related job postings and/or job competency requirements.

Your current job and all that it entails to identify the relevant information for the development of the new resume.

Resume Development Process

The value in what we do comes through when we produce your resume!! This is where we sell you by accentuating the very best you have to offer.

SOME of the KEY things we will produce for your resume:

We will identify the most appropriate resume format based on your level of work experience, structure and marketing techniques.

We will determine what content to include in your resume and what not to include, therefore maximizing your strengths and diminishing any weaknesses.

We may conduct additional research to obtain profession/industry or job specific market intelligence.

We will capitalize on key achievements and measurable accomplishments, transferable skills, areas of expertise and strengths using industry specific keywords and competency-based phrases.

Once a draft of your resume is completed, we will send it to you for review. It is critical to ensure that everything that is written down is factually accurate and it effectively links competencies, accomplishments and successes to the targeted profession or industry requirements.

You must be able to speak to all the points that are written! Not only does your resume need to showcase your accomplishments, but it needs to be accurate as well.

Resume Review AND Revision Process

Prior to submitting a final copy of your resume we expect you to analyze our work. Does our evaluation of you fairly and accurately describe you? The final product of your resume should be a very polished and highly complementary reflection of your professional persona. In order for a resume to be effective it is essential that it is an accurate representation of you. The resume we produce cannot be finalized until you are satisfied with it. Moreover, you have to be confident and capable of proving that the resume is a reflection of the best you have to offer [and can deliver] to perspective employers.   Once, the final resume has been approved; the real work begins. WE will provide you with the marketing skills necessary to effectively position yourself in the market place to attract your appropriate target market.

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