Resume Resolution | Autobiographical Sketches
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Autobiographical Sketches


Been asked to write a detailed autobiographical sketch as part of the application to gain entrance into post grad school? Perhaps you need a biographical sketch for a book or maybe you are making a presentation and it was requested that you provide a biographical sketch to be included in a program.

Don’t know where to begin? Resume Resolution has successfully helped students with their application process and gain entrance into Universities.

A biographical sketch is very important if you are required to paint the picture of someone’s life or if you are interested in promoting yourself for a particular reason. A biographical sketch can vary depending on whom it is being written for and about. The focus of a biographical sketch written about other people is to explain who the person is and provide an overview of that person’s life. If the biographical sketch has to be written about you or (needs to be written as though it is from your own point of view, the same criteria would apply, with the addition of presenting yourself in a positive light).

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