Resume Resolution | Behavioural Coaching
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Behavioural Coaching


Behavioral Coaching is a combination of processes, models and methodologies used by coaches to bring about lasting behavioral change on the part of clients.

The Extended DISC® personality profile analysis is a nonjudgmental assessment providing insight into Behavioral styles in relation to people, situations and the environment. This tool provides you with the information required to maximize your performance as an employee. The DISC style preferences are helpful for understanding how people communicate, make business and hiring decisions, and interact on-the-job.

How It Works

Extended DISC® is a suite of scientifically validated, online assessments used world wide by thousands of organizations.

This is how Extended DISC® works:

  • Clients complete an online questionnaire that takes about 10 minutes.
  • The results are tabulated emailed within minutes (Results can be sent to the facilitator, administrator or combination of recipients).
  • Assessments can be tailored to your liking; short, general DISC reports or comprehensive assessments for more holistic applications.
  • Assessments can include information that is the most relevant to different roles (examples: Leadership, Students, Executives, Managers, Salespeople, Customer Service Representatives, Team Members, Engineers, etc.), and can be tailored to your unique needs to include information you need.
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