Resume Resolution | Interview Coaching
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Interview Coaching



Career Development is the lifelong process of managing, learning, working, and transitioning in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving preferred future, including:  career and coaching advice, career planning and development workshops and seminars, resume and cover letter review, interview preparation assistance and job application support.

Professionals in all fields and at all levels of experience can benefit from career coaching. We use researched-based methods to deliver personalized career coaching that share a proven and powerful approach to solving career related issues, and preparing you for any job interview by providing professional career coaching and interview services.

Having a great resume and landing the interview is awesome, but you need to nail that interview in order to secure the position and be offered the job.  Often employers conduct several rounds of interviews, and often interview numerous candidates for a single position.

There are many types of interviews and a variety of questions a future employer may ask, learn how prepare for an interview, what to wear and how to act in an interview.

Learn how to explore the hidden job market. 80% of all jobs are filled without employers advertising for the position. These positions are filled by, or created for, candidates who come to an employer’s attention through employee recommendations, referrals from trusted contacts or friends, recruiters, or through direct contact with the candidate.

Learn how to build a network, the process of developing and nurturing personal and professional contacts in order to give and receive information, advice, referrals, and support, in order to delve into the hidden job market.

Job searching is so different in this economic climate than before. Before you can submit your resume for a job opening, you first need to find one. Effective and efficient job searching is a full-time job and skill unto itself.

Job search coaching can help open the door to new possibilities and teach you methods of finding open positions, networking and getting directly to the decision maker.

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