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LinkedIn Development & Optimization



LinkedIn is a vital tool for job-hunters and professionals of all kinds. Professional networking is a key way to build your personal brand and make sure you get noticed. Anyone can create a profile, but it takes know-how and experience to create a profile that gets real results. That’s where we can help!

About 80% of companies look on LinkedIn first to find candidates, so it’s critical to have your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and optimized so that it represents you well.

When you’re conducting a job search, you’re selling yourself. Your profile is your marketing brochure. It’s not meant to be your life story, or a long, chronological list of accomplishments. It is NOT a carbon copy of your resume. When it is optimized with keywords, it is more likely to pop up when companies and/or recruiters do a search on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn profile needs to be optimized to attract interest and stand out.

It’s very important that your profile is written to showcase your expertise because a junior person in a company may be looking on LinkedIn first to do the initial screening. They’re making a short-list of candidates to be interviewed, and they may not have the business depth to grasp that your profile fits the job description they’ve been given.

It’s time to get your on-line presence noticed with Resume Resolution LinkedIn Writer:

  • Go beyond your resume and show the BIG picture
  • Build-up up your LinkedIn ranking and expand your professional network
  • Showcase your experience, achievements, and skills​
  • Heighten your visibility to top recruiters.

​What are your goals for your LinkedIn profile?

  • Are you interested in Professional Branding and Reputation Management?
  • Do you want to attract Recruiters, Hiring Managers, HR Professionals?
  • Is prospecting for business and showcasing your products and services your goal?
  • Do you want to network more effectively?
  • Are you looking for additional opportunities?​


LinkedIn has become the # 1 online tool for networking, marketing and lead generation. More than 347 million professionals already use LinkedIn to grow their business, but few how to harness the power of LinkedIn and use it to their benefit. Resume Resolution will use LinkedIn to help you attract new clients, grow your business and increase your professional opportunities.

Resume Resolution offers a pioneering LinkedIn Marketing Management Services focused to help clients get increased visibility, build credibility, contribute to their own industry and increase the leads for more clients and partners.

We help you to maximize your time and effort, by taking control of your LinkedIn profile. We take your LinkedIn management to greater heights with our unique services that are specially created for you.

•  LinkedIn Company Page Setup: We take care of completely setting up your business page.

•  LinkedIn Connections: We help you get your brand recognized, by generating more LinkedIn connections to other businesses and professionals within your industry.

•  LinkedIn Groups: We help you to secure your connections by joining groups that are appropriate and significant to your industry.

•  LinkedIn Marketing: Get more visibility by marketing your business page through LinkedIn Ads.

Every service package is personalized as per the client’s needs and requirements. Prices vary depended on clients’ marketing objectives and the packages you choose. Pricing will also rely on the client’s objective and the agreed duration of an individual campaign.

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