Resume Resolution | Outplacement & Transition Services
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Outplacement & Transition Services

Whether you’re a company that must lay off employees or an individual about to embark on a new career, our outplacement services are customized to fit your needs.

Resume Resolution helps employers successfully transition workers by providing high quality outplacement transition services that position employees for career success and enhances the company’s brand and positive reputation. Terminated employees often feel a sense of panic and fear about their future and how they are going to get by. A loss of a job is very painful and embarrassing and many people’s self-worth is wrapped around their careers. The high levels of unemployment can leave many feeling that they have few options for alternative employment and are unaware of what their next steps should be. For the remaining employees, personal job security and a feeling of uncertainty can become their major focus, causing productivity levels to rapidly decline.

Bottom line: these situations can leave many employees, whether leaving or staying, with a sense of frustration, fear loss and anxiety.

Offering our program to your employees demonstrates your company’s commitment to all of its employees by minimizing the impact of the job loss and by providing professional assistance to expedite the terminated employee’s job search process.

Resume Resolution is client focused to ensure the best experience possible with exceptional results and positive outcomes. Our career consultants, experienced in virtually every industry, provide transitioned candidates with the type of support that helps them alleviate their anxieties and gain better traction for their next career. Our career services include personal or group coaching and online solutions, to ensure maximum success by not only helping people land a new position quicker but also developing career and employment strategies and leadership skills. We understand how to penetrate the hidden job market, guide employees through evaluation of their career options, then tailor their job search and connect job seekers with those making the hiring decisions.

Why Choose Us?

Our Outplacement and Transition Services provide participants with the opportunity to work one-on-one or within a group environment with their Career Coach through various phases of their transition.

The focus of each program is customized to meet the specific needs of the individual.

  • We’ve partnered with local Employment Agencies to assist the terminated employee in the search of a new career opportunity.
  • We are extremely familiar with what employers are looking for in an employee, and are able to help employees modify their job search so that it is in line with what is required in the job market.
  • Experienced Coaches and professional resume writers that have been coaching/teaching/training in the industry for over a decade and have supported thousands of individuals with their job search
  • We provide the following services to our values clients
    • Career review and personal assessment
    • One-on-one or group coaching and ongoing support
    • Personalized marketing plan – self assessment that identifies marketable skills, values, interests and accomplishments.
    • Professionally written Resume
    • Cover Letter/Thank You Letter Templates
    • Interview coaching, mock interviews and feedback
    • Style and image awareness coaching
    • Networking strategies and  job search techniques
    • Industry-wide employment search assistance
    • Job offer/salary negotiation counseling
    • Referral to a financial advisor for information on RRSP’s, pension issues, severance payments and investment planning.

Package Details and Pricing:

Our outplacement packages vary in cost; length and services provided, depending on what is required. The duration of these programs can range from one to twelve months, depending on the budget of the organization and the level and length of service of the individual participating in the program.  You can work with our firm to come up with a tailored package that meets your requirements and budget or you can choose from the packages listed below.

The package you choose is typically included in the employee’s termination letter, and normally paid for by the organization.

Outplacement Service


Advanced/Mid Management


Career Review and Personal Assessment

One-on-One Coaching

Group Coaching

On-going Support

Personalized Marketing Plan

Professional Resume


Interview Coaching

Networking Strategies & Job search Techniques

Job Offer/Salary Negotiation Counseling

Financial Planning Financial Assistance

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